Work in progress

We are actually working on several projects. We hope you do not forget to have a look at our youtube page.

Instertitium double price winner!

Our movie Instertitium finished 4th (fourth) in the Popular Jury section and 2nd (second) in the Professional Jury section at the Image tag concurso of the Instituto Telemig Celular.Have a look at the long version of the movie.  


3 new productions for the Instituto Telemig Celular 2007 competition.

Three videos were realized with a photo cam for the competition. They were edited and formatted to be broadcasted on mobile phones (3g format). Continue reading

O TrabalhaDor and Isaac Newton selected for two Festivals

The shortcuts O TrabalhaDor and A dor de cabeça de Isaac Newton were selected for the Festival Camera-Olho 2007 in São Paulo, Brazil. A dor de cabeça de Isaac Newton was selected for the Festival Percepções 2007 in Muriaé, Minas Gerais (Brazil).

A day in the Life of a plant

Next production soon on Youtube.

Our last shortcut movie, called O Trabalhador (The Worker), will soon be released on our Youtube channel. It is the story of a social worker who cannot support anymore the complaints of the citizens. 

Isaac in the selection

Our video “A dor de cabeça de Isaac Newton” has been selected in the 10 most voted video in the Festival